So you think you can act?

so you think you can act?

11 Sep So you think you can act?

I used to believe that in order to be a commercial or voice over actor you needed to go to college and get an MFA in acting. Guess what, I don’t think that anymore. I do believe that not everyone can do acting on camera or voice acting.

I have a BA in Communications with a major in Theatre and I use my Theatre training every day.  The basic acting class that I took and the theatre training I received in college is the base that I use to teach my commercial and voice over classes every day.  A lot of the actors that I coach do not know the basics of character development.

Now I teach Acting for the Camera so people think that all they have to do is memorize the script and stand in front of the camera. Wrong! When the actor looks at that script they will realize that the character is a mom, dad, businessperson, farmer etc who has a backstory. The backstory of the person makes them more interesting and believable on camera. They need to look at the character and ask themselves these questions. WHO is this person? WHAT are they doing? WHERE are they? (This is really important. This can make the difference between a good and great performance) WHEN is this taking place? WHY are they there?

Most actors who come to see me have never heard this but then when we break down the script (even on a short 30 sec on camera commercial or voice over script) they begin to look at acting a different way and start seeing results in the form of booking the job!! I encourage my students to take a good beginning acting class that talks about character development, given circumstances and improvisation. Those classes are the building blocks for a career in acting for the camera and voice over. Without those classes you will not be able to move forward with your career.

I also encourage everyone to have a coach for his or her acting career. We all need help.  An acting coach can be the difference between a good audition and a great audition, which helps you land more work!!

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